Abhiforce D

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Erectile Dysfunction


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Abhiforce D
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What Our Customer Says

The combination of two major ingredients named Sildenafil + Dapoxetine makes up the powerful oral drug called Abhiforce D TabletsThis particular drug is available in the strength of Abhiforce 100, and even in more to be consumed (depending upon your condition).

But to what purpose Abhiforce 100 is used for? Mainly the major use of Abhiforce 100 is undertaken by men during erectile dysfunction control.

This is one of the stressful conditions that surround only men by making them not capable enough to have sex. This arises because of poor erecting power or even not being able to develop erections during intercourse. 

Therein the role of Abhiforce 100 should come within your life to enhance your power, boost your stamina and make you strong enough to have intercourse.

What is Abhiforce D?

Abhiforce D constitutes the two major ingredients and this makes up an ability to let you have sex. It is a prescribed medication for men likely by specialists because it can pump you up against strong erections anytime you want to.

Besides containing active components it also falls to the family of PDE-5 inhibitors and makes up a smooth transition between blood flow and erections.

In short, Abhiforce D can make you develop erections right at the moment you want to have desire or sexual pleasure. Trust us this medication is proven and has undergone phases to satisfy your sex need.

If you are weaken towards your sex life and want to lift your relationship with your partner then consuming Abhiforce D won’t let your desires down.

How does Abhiforce D work?

Abhiforce D is part of a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor and this gives you the ability to develop or maintain lasting erections.

Since it is the determined fact that a stable flow of blood can complete your desire to have sex while giving erections in the penis area.

But this is where you lack being a man and fall towards erectile dysfunction problems.

However, the proven ability of Abhiforce D upon consumption lets your blood vessels smoothen and increase the flow of blood. This lets you to develop stimulation in your penis and achieve hard or strong erections.

Uses of Abhiforce D

Erections are one of the top necessities to bring ahead a smooth sex life in your relationship. Somehow due to poor lifestyle and involvement in excessive physical stress, the condition can worsen.

Therefore, you can lack the ability to have or develop erections to fulfil your sexual pleasure dreams.

But currently, you can easily get off with the erectile dysfunction condition with the help of several methods.

However, we every time ensure you that oral medicine is the instant control here because they can give you relief in a few hours to minutes. Here, Abhiforce 150, makes up the top choice among men.

It develops an ability where you can easily become sexually aroused in a few hours. This majorly happens because Abhiforce 150, consumption gives your blood flow the ability to get towards the penis while smoothening blood vessels.

How to take Abhiforce D?

Consumption of Abhiforce 150, or any other strength should only be done orally with water (mouth).

The utmost need here to take control is to consume Abhiforce 150, 30 minutes before making love.

Crushing or even chewing is not what you should consider at the time of the consumption process.

In between if you want it to be with or without a meal then this is completely your choice (as there is no impact here).

Side-effects of Abhiforce D

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Painful body
  • Painful erections
  • Stomach upset
  • Flushing
  • Rashes
  • Nasal congestion


The dosage of Abhiforce 150, should be consumed depending upon your ability to develop erections.

This can be confirmed upon consultation with the doctor and hence you should not ignore the one step.

There are different strength available for Abhiforce that majorly ranges from 50mg, 100, 150 and even more.

So, you should not choose random strength- but considering speaking to the doctor here can help you to take command towards erectile dysfunction easily.

Warning & Precaution of Abhiforce D

Say no to alcohol

Stop consuming alcohol, smoking, consumption of drugs and even medicines containing nitrates. They are considered to be risky in damaging the blood vessels and impacting the mechanism of developing erections.

Talk to doctor

It is a must to speak about your condition (if you are suffering from other health issues). This is a necessity because you should not consume other than erectile dysfunction or mix it with other healthcare medicines.

Stay at home

It might be the case where you can feel a bit dizzy and hence you should stay at home after you consume Abhiforce 150 or other ED drugs.

Strictly for men

Abhiforce 150 is solely made available to deal with the sexual difficulty within men. Ensure if you are a woman, you must not consume and even let children get into your hands.

Interaction of Abhiforce D

Be it Abhiforce D or also Cenforce D, all erectile dysfunction has been found to interact with other medicines.

Likely these medicines are the ones belonging to the antibiotics categories, some antifungal medicines, and medicines that contain nitrates within themselves should be avoided to be consumed.

Where to Buy Abhiforce D

The popularity of erectile dysfunction is increasing because they are evident to show results. Being upset or stressed about ED won’t let you solve your problem.

But you have to take the right measures at the right time. Hence, talking about erectile dysfunction and buying concerned tablet will help you.

Therefore, with the help of Medzbox you can sit back at home and order ED medicines online with us. We have Abhiforce D for you to bring back your stamina or sexual force at the moment you want to.

In addition, we have affordable generic to branded medicines that you won’t get anywhere across with utmost benefits.

Abhiforce D has been the saviour for many men around the world and next it could be you. 


How useful Abhiforce D can be for you?

Abhiforce D is FDA approved medicine to control ED. There is no chance for you to give a second thought to its functioning and to let you undergo strong sexual stimulation.

Can Abhiforce D be taken more than the requirement?

No, there is no need for you to consume more than one tablet of Abhiforce D before going to have sex. It’s one tablet or strength is suitable to let you develop erections and stamina to have intercourse for a longer time.


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