Our privacy policy helps you to keep up with tighten security at the time of purchase. We want every customer to experience the best in class experience and for this our policies are extremely important

What Information Do We Collect?

Medzbox is one of the online pharmacies that help to save only the necessary details of customers. Yet, all of these are not saved just to deliver the necessary information from time to time. Whenever Medzbox has information to deliver we take charge to do that. However, only your name, email, and contact number is saved with us.

Get Yourself Registered Easily

Medzbox is one of the valuable sources for visitors to obtain their healthcare medicines. To make your purchase simple and yet easier, do get yourself registered with us. This will require you to provide your name/email/contact details and you are done.

Now when next time you want to carry out the necessary transaction then you can smoothly proceed it with.

Other Necessary Information

Whatever information is collected with us has been approved by you. Without your permission, we would not proceed to collect them all. So do not get worried about your data- everything is safe and secured.

Information of Cookies

Cookies are meant to enhance the further shopping experience as they are small files. They will let you determine the source of information and help you to make your work smoother.

Security of your data

Remember with Medzbox your safety means our priority. We do not proceed with any such information that can hinder you or your purchase.

You can shop anytime you want to while undertaking offers and to protect your health.

But remember not to click any of other link than provided by us. They can be false and attempt to steal your data.