Confirmation towards order wants to give you complete information about your order and this in turn lets you pop up with confirmation. This confirmation could be delivered to you either in the form of an email or your phone number added with us.

Once you have completed your purchase we ensure that you get every detail of your order to let you at a safer place. After placing the order, we take around 24 hours to make it towards processing. Once everything is processed you will get complete details about when your order will be delivered to you.

Notification of shipping your parcel

Shipping your order means we have compiled everything and we just need to deliver it. Yet when such a step is reached we ensure to remind you about your order is out of delivery. This will keep you informed to receive your order timely.

Remember we will process your order to the address that is saved with us. On the other hand, we are also liable to charge around $12 (it can be up and down) as per the address (to which the parcel has to be delivered).

Desired address 

The address confirmation is a necessity for you so that your parcel is not delivered to the wrong address. This means PO boxes and APO addresses are taken into consideration. Our team of experts ensure the delivery can be done to the address beforehand.

This way there will be no hassle between your receiving and our delivery.

Information of custom 

Your medicine might take some time to reach you since in between of delivery to different countries customs officers do take charge.

However, we cannot hinder in between their process and we therefore take margin from you against delivery. So, do not panic if your parcel does not reach you. Sometimes in a custom check, the parcel can get delayed.

Yet, if this takes more than the time requested then you are free to reach our customer support. Since if the parcels are not delivered they are returned to us.

Delivery time 

generally it will take about 7-8 working days to get your order to you. This is the normal time that all online stores take into. Also, this is entirely based on your location, and we do not have our intentions here.

We therefore request you to place your order in advance (in case of emergency) plus wait for the delivery estimated time.

Details of lost orders 

In case if your parcel is not reached you (it is lost) then we take utmost care from your side. However, our process might take around 8 weeks or even less (depending upon the condition).

Since it might be the sometimes case, we have saved your address of yours and our team ensure to deliver it to the concerned address.

The entire process is double-checked and then perform. In some cases, parcels can be lost and we take an approach to solve the case.

Refund and exchange policy

The return and refund policy is applicable on all orders of ours. If you have found your product is damaged or you have not received it, then you are liable to submit your request.

We take a gander towards your request and get into the work. If the condition matches with our policy we initiate the process.

But these conditions are

If the package is broken or you got the wrong one, please let us know.

The quantity is not the one you placed an order for.

If any of the condition falls to you then you are free to report us and we take 3-4 business days to solve your case.