Brief information about Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Inability to maintain or achieve perfect penile erection for a satisfying sexual activity is called erectile dysfunction. Dealing with this medical condition it not a tough job, you must know the proper line of treatment. Usually, it can be corrected with certain medications as they act as the first line of treatment. If not controlled, certain medical tests can help find out the root cause. Working though relationships, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and changing lifestyle can be beneficial. ED is quite common after the age of 50 but the present lifestyle can bother men aged 30-40 with ED as well.

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Erectile Dysfunction is of many types and they are:

Vascular ED: Blood vessels through which blood travels to the penis’ tissues for erection is unable to process as required. Usually, penis valves may also hold the blood inside due to which erection may not be achieved. It is the most common form of ED.

Neurogenic ED: This form of ED is caused by the nerve problems due to which signal from brain can’t be travelled to the penis and hence erection is not maintained or achieved. Radiation therapy, trauma, pelvic surgeries and stroke are some of the conditions that may lead to Neurogenic ED.

Hormonal ED: Deficiency in testosterone or thyroid issues can lead to hormonal imbalance causing this form of ED which can be treated with proper medication like Kamagra oral jelly Australia and Fildena 100, all teamed with a healthy lifestyle.

Psychogenic ED: Psychological conditions that affect your feelings, behavior and thoughts can lead to this form of ED. Counseling can play a major role here. More than the lifestyle changes, regular exercise and meditation can make improvements. Cenforce 100 is also an effective treatment for ED available on Medzbox.

What are the symptoms of ED?

ED can lead to complicated relations and unsatisfied sex lives of couples. Embarrassment, stress and anxiety are also other factors associated with conditions like ED. Males between age 40 and 70 can struggle from ED, a condition that can be treated with proper Medications like Vidalista that can help correct erection. The conditions may worsen if the concern goes untreated due to the feeling of shame and embarrassment. ED should be treated as soon as you see its symptoms such as:

  • Facing issues in getting erection during sexual intercourse
  • Ability to get erection but issues in maintaining the same for a longer period of time or not being able to achieve it at all
  • Absolutely no possibility for an erection and consistent failure in achieving the same
  • Need for plenty of stimulation for maintaining erection

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

There can be multiple reasons for the erectile dysfunction to occur during and before sexual activity. However, tiredness, stress and alcoholism can be a few factors contributing to this state. High BP, kidney disease, stroke, epilepsy, penile fracture and cholesterol are also a few causes behind erectile dysfunction.  Hormonal issues and problems with testosterone may also impact sex life with ED.

What is the side effect of ED?

Medications of ED can cause certain side effects but if they get worse, they should be talked about, with a medical professional. Headaches, body pain and ache, problems in digestive system, dizziness, flushes, changes in vision, runny and congested nose are some of the common side effects of ED medications.

If you notice severe conditions like erection for more than 4 hours, loss of vision or sudden changes in your hearing ability, consult a doctor immediately. Few of these side effects may also be early signs of symptoms for some other ailment in future hence your doctor should be informed at each stage.

Medication used for Erectile Dysfunction

Few forms of ED can be treated with the help of mild medicine dosages such as Vidalista 20 mg that can help maintain erection for a longer time period. Severe disease will require tests only suggested by your doctor along with the need and suitability of medications to follow. Oral medications like Sildenafil, tadalafil, avanafil and vardenafil can help treat ED. These oral medications can start working when consumed an hour before the sexual activity.

Certain medications can be made to inject directly into the penis so that a desired erection is achieved. Most of these medicines can start to work as soon as duration of 10 minutes. No matter what medications you start, teaming it up with healthy lifestyle such as consumption of nutritious diets and performing few cardiovascular exercises like jogging, running, swimming, rope jumping, bicycling, etc can be beneficial. Taking sound sleep, reducing cholesterol and maintaining weight can help improve this condition.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Reversible?

In a lot of cases, it can be treated as first line of treatment and be cured with first line of medications such as Tadalista. It can be temporary and can be treated fast with such effective medicines. However, in a few cases, ED can emerge from medical causes like damaged nerve and less blood flow to the penis. Your doctor can suggest possible causes and suitable medications depending on your health, lifestyle, age, medical history, etc.

Apart from medication, one may also require healthy lifestyle to go with it else it might not show positive improvement. Reducing stress, alcohol and focusing on regular exercise can help make difference. Diabetes, heart conditions and BP should also be kept under control in the process of finding a solution for ED. Use of tobacco can worsen the chronic health conditions of a man and lead to ED.


Is ED common?

It is quite common after the age of 50 in men but with the lifestyle of men in the present scenario, ED has also become a concern at the age of 35-45.

How to get tested for ED?

There are really no specific tests designed for ED but the tests focused on genitals can fetch desired results. Your doctor may check your BP and heart rate along with the blood sugar and hormone levels and do ultrasonography and pelvic x-rays, etc.

What to do if your partner has ED?

Encourage open communication, don’t be ashamed and get informed about the possible solution at your stage.

Are ED medications safe?

As long as you are in touch with a good doctor about your medical condition, concern and are taking the right medicines with proper dosage, it is going to be safe at all stages. Sildenafil, Avanafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil are effective as well as safe medicines for ED.

Can ED medication cure it permanently?

It depends on your medical condition and history and how much you have been affected by this condition. However, proper ED medications are capable of helping you get the proper erection and enjoy sex for a longer time.