Cancellation Policy

A customer can cancel an order around ten minutes after the order is placed. To do so, go to my account and see orders processing. A cancel button with a countdown timer will soon be observable on orders which are processing.

Medzbox is regarded as the most dependable pharmaceutical shop to offer satisfaction to all prospective clients. 100% campaign is set on all the orders placed by any customer whatsoever. The delivery of each item is guaranteed by us so that it reaches our buyers on time.

  • The merchandise provided by us, then there is a service team that may get in contact with them to supply the most equitable solution to the same.
  • The orders made online are pre-paid and in case there’s an error in the payment of the order, it holds cancelled.
  • A customer can find the order cancelled at any moment and it’s going to be accepted as long as the motive offered by them is great.
  • If there’s no receipt created at the time of the payment, the order is canceled.
  • If the product purchased by the customer is not in stock, it is cancelled right off by medzbox.
  • If the merchandise ordered by the client is restricted in its amount, the cancellation coverage for the same holds applicable to prevent any hassle by our customers in the future.
  • The client is not happy with the item, they can raise criticism against the product which will then do for the whole refund policy.

Click on the cancel button and then select your reason for cancellation to cancel the order. Following cancellation, the order is going to be taken out from the postings processing.